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BRTS , Jan Marg

Ahmedabad BRTS is a highly ambitious rapid transport system developed by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB), recognizing that no single mode would cater to the mobility needs of the city and that ‘Bus’ forms the most critical segment of the public transport system in the Ahmedabad city. GIDB has thereby entrusted the system design task to CEPT University.


Ahmedabad is a city having present population of 45 lakhs (4.5 million), which is likely to be 11 million by the year 2035. This would lead to agglomeration of surrounding settlements like Gandhinagar and other smaller villages, which ultimately increases the area of the city, which may become 1,000 sq.km in the year 2035. Moreover, about 1/3rd of total as well as student population reside within walking distance from the proposed BRTS network. Thus, there is a growing need for greater accessibility to basic amenities and opportunities for mobility in the city. In such a state of rapid urbanization, it is very essential to have an efficient and rapid transit system, which will sustain and accelerate the growth of the city. In order to cater this future demand, the city and State Government has initiated a Plan for Integrated Public Transit System, in which Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) is one of the components. This will facilitate the major mobility need of the people. In future, this system will get integrated with Ahmedabad Metro by the addition of two lines running through east to west and north to south.

In addition, after the openings of Ahmedabad BRTS and Ahmedabad Metro, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) can be reached easily through multi modal mix of Rapid Transport Systems.

Unlike other Indian BRTS projects, this project is on full-swing construction mode, and the system designs are quite similar to Curitiba’s Rede Integrada de Transporte and Bogota’s TransMilenio which are exceptionally better than Delhi BRTS and Pune BRTS

Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited

Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited (AJL), the parent company which would govern BRTS operations in the city, is constituted as a Special Purpose Vehicle by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority and Government of Gujarat.It is presently envisaged that private operators selected through competitive bidding will carry out bus operations.The AJL logo has been designed by National Institute of Design and released on 3rd May 2008.The logo has two arrows showing movement symbolizing motion of moving ahead.The two big dots along the arrows represent the people who will use them. Between the two arrows is the alphabet ‘M’ which has been derived from Marg. It also symbolizes the central path where the buses will be plying.

Selection of Corridors

Based on an analysis of the socio-economic factors, travel demand patterns, road network characteristics, proposed metro plan and existing Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) route network as the criteria, a network of roads covering about 155 kilometers in length have been identified for developing the Bus Rapid Transit System within Ahmedabad.

[ GMDC Station – Interior. This station will cater Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Office, University Ground, AES(Ahmedabad Education Society’s) Ground and Physical Research Laboratory ].


Given the expected travel demand on each corridor, BRTS solutions are structured. The following are the typical BRTS corridors.

1 Vasna – Sabarmati – Naroda – Narol (47.5 km)

2 Vasna – Sabarmati (15 km)

3 Naroda – Narol (18 km)

4 Thaltej – Kalupur (9.1 km)

4 Sattadhar – Kalupur (9.55 km)

5 Ghatlodia to Vadaj (4.92 km)

6 Sabarmati to Sarkhej VIA Ashram Road (17.63 km)

7 ISKCON Temple to Kalupur (11.09 km)

8 Station-Narol-Lambha (8.44 km)

9 Station-Jasodanagar Crossroad-Hathijan (12.81 km)

10 Kalupur to Odhav (9.49 km)

11 Kalupur to Naroda (10.29 km)

12 Thaltej-Narol-Lambha (University Road) (17.15 km)

13 Sarkhej to Gota (12.45 km)

14 Paldi to Station VIA Jamalpur (OPTIONAL CONNECTION) (3.25 km)

15 ISKCON Temple to Vasna VIA Nehru Nagar Circle (6.35 km)

16 Sabarmati – Kalupur (8.98 km)

17 Vadaj-Gota (5.75 km)

18 Shivranjani Crossroad-Kalupur VIA Shreyas, New Bridge, Station(11.57 km)

Janmarg Transit Map at GMDC BRT Station

Steering Committee

The Bus Rapid Transit Project for Ahmedabad city has been guided by the steering committee chaired by Shri. K. Kailashnathan, (I.A.S), Secretary, Urban Development and Urban Housing Department, Government of Gujarat.

1. Mr. Anil Mukim – Former Municipal Commissioner, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)

2. Mr. P.J Pujari – Secretary, Economic Affairs, Finance Department

3. Mr. Jayant Parimal – CEO, Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB)

4.Mr. K. Srinivas – Managing Director, Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC)

Ahmedabad BRTS Vehicle Technology Choice

At present Ahmedabad JanMarg Ltd, the special purpose vehicle conceived by AMC, AUDA and the state government has stalled their decision for the selection of buses due to rise in global fuel prices. Below is the list of Buses AJL is considering for city BRTS project.

1.Tata starbus low floor

2.Tata starbus Ultra low floor CNG

3.Volvo 7700

4.Volvo 8500 city bus low floor

5.Volvo 8500 intercity bus

6.Ashok Leyland Viking BS-II

7.Ashok Leyland 12 M bus

8.Ashok Leyland 222 CNG Bus

9.Swaraj Mazda Wt-50 LWB

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