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Gujarat’s Only Hill Station – SAPUTARA

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Gujarat’s Only Hill Station – SAPUTARA

Saputara means the ABODE OF SERPENTS …  સાપ નું ઘર , You also find snake sculptures on the banks of the river Sarpagana, is worshiped by the Adivasis [tribes] on festivals. Tribes like Kunbis, Warlis, Bhils and Gamits inhabit Dangs. They are known for their traditional dances, which are performed wearing Bamboo and Wooden masks. The dangs district constitute of an area of 1,752 km. having population of 1.5 lacks with a tribal population density of 94% .

Saputar – “Only seen in pictures” like hill station is located in the forest of Dang area of the Sahyadri Range. Saputara town is situated around 1,000 m above sea level with a climate that is pleasant although bit cold, throughout the year.

The climate of Saputara is very cozy with a summer temperature of around 27degree Celsius to 31 °C where the winter temperature varies from 9°C to 20 °C. The variation of average temperature ranges from 9.2 °C (Min.) to 30.4 °C (Max.). The monsoon reaches to Saputara in around middle of June and stays up to end of October.

Saputara Sightseeing

  • Saputara Tribal Museum

Saputara Tribal Museum is a small museum with a tribal theme, displaying the lifestyle, ornaments, musical instruments, agricultural implements, house objects of day-to-day use of native Dangis. It provides an insight into the tribes of Dang. Timings: 10.30am to 05.00pm. Entry fees: for students – Re 1, adults – Rs 2 and for foreigners Rs 50.

  • Artist Village

Artist Village  is a place to not only see and buy the tribal artifacts on display, but also to get your hands to work. You will feel welcomed and inspired to try out warli painting or craft tribal objects. Run by Chandrakant Parmar and Surya Goswami, it is a good place to learn about the culture of this region, especially for school groups. The community also provides simple accommodation for a very reasonable cost

  • Gandhi Shikhar , Sardar Shikhar

Gandhi Shikhar (peak), a walkable distance from circle of Saputara, you can see the sun setting amidst the hilltops. It can be approached by only ropeway from Vaity Ropeway Resort.

Sardar Shikhar is also a worth seeing point. From there you can see the beautiful soft morning rays.

  • Paragliding

If you like adventures then you can also enjoy Paragliding Activities in Saputara.

  • Sunrise Point

The Sunrise Point, also known as the Valley View Point, offers a bird’s eye view of Saputara and its environs.

  • Honey Bees Centre

The Honey Bees Centre is a place where honeybees are reared and pure honey is collected. It is just opposite to the garden. It also provides information on honey industry and honeybee rearing.

  • Lake & Boating Club

The Lake & Boating Club, right in the heart of the valley, is the extremely calm Saputara Lake. It is 70 feet deep and spreads in the vast valley surrounded by the hills. Row and paddle boats are available for hire. Several types of amusement facilities for children are available near the lake.

  • Echo Point

The Echo Point is situated just ahead of Rutumbhara Vishwavidhalaya. It provides fun and activities under one roof.

  • Sitavan , Pandav Gufas, Pampa Sarovar
Sitavan – along with Anajani Kund – is among the landmarks of the days of Ramayan and Mahabharat.
The Pandav Gufas are believed to be the caves which Pandavas used during their vanavasa to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.
The Pampa Sarovar is believed to be the birthplace of Hanumandada which is 40 km away from Ahwa, the headquarters of Dang district in Gujarat.
  • Hatgad Fort

The Hatgad Fort is in the Nasik District which is just 8 km away from Saputara. The height of this fort is about 3600 feet and it lies near the Mulher village. On the top of the fort there are two reservoirs.

  • Religious Attractions

Religious Attractions, these include Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Jain Temple, Swaminarayan Temple & Bhramha Kumari Art Gallery.